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Fire Drill Training COVID-19 PCR result interpretation and troubleshooting  On the Job Training Details will be available here. Training Photos
 Refresher Training on Biosafety Practices For Supporting Staff.  TOT Sample Collection, Packaging, Transport and Biosafety for COVID-19 Testing   How to wear and remove PPE

Training on infection prevention and control regarding COVID-19 (for NPHL staff)

Sample collection ,Packing,Transport & Biosfety Practices for COVID-19 Testing  

Sample transportation and submission to nphl

Training on Disaster Management, Fire & Earthquake Orientation on online data entry of COVID 19   PCR Covid 19 Sample Collection Demo
PCR result analysis Orientation samplecollection transport ipc    
e-inventory management Training  PCR Hands on training    
SOP Aliquoting

6th July COVID-19 PCR result interpretation and troubleshooting

SOP- Disinfection of vehicles 31st July COVID-19 PCR results interpretation & Trouble shooting 

SOP sample reception EQAS experience sharing and any other issues related to PCR for COVID    
SOP training- disinfection of ice box

Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Molecular Laboratory 

Disaster Management Training Record Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Molecular Laboratory    
 SOP training on Extraction and Master Mix Preparation  4th Oct
WHO Interim Guideline – 18 SEP